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Basic & High-Risk Antenatal Care

As you anticipate the arrival of your little one, the journey of motherhood is filled with excitement, questions, and a multitude of experiences. Dr R Fuentes is here to accompany you through the antenatal care stages, ensuring a healthy pregnancy and a supportive and informed experience.

What is antenatal care, and why is it important?

Antenatal care refers to the medical attention and support provided during pregnancy to ensure the well-being of both mom and baby. Dr Fuentes highlights the importance of initiating antenatal care early in pregnancy to promptly monitor and address any issues.

What are the basics of antenatal care?

Dr Fuentes' goal of antenatal care is to be your guide to a healthy pregnancy in all instances.

  • Regular Check-Ups: Antenatal care involves scheduled check-ups with Dr Fuentes to monitor the progress of your pregnancy, address concerns, and ensure both you and your baby are thriving.
  • Ultrasound Scans: Routine ultrasound scans allow for a visual assessment of your baby's development and can detect any potential issues early on.
  • 4D Scans: These are advanced ultrasound scans Dr Fuentes offers to showcase your baby in moving 3D images rather than the standard 2D.

High-Risk antenatal care

Pregnancy is a time of joy, but it can also have complications that need extra special attention. Dr Fuentes is well-versed in high-risk pregnancies and helping women go through pregnancy safely with their future babies.

  • Hypertension & Diabetes: Dr Fuentes provides specialised care for women with hypertension or diabetes during pregnancy, managing these conditions to promote a healthy pregnancy.
  • Advanced Maternal Age: If you're over 35, Dr Fuentes offers additional monitoring and support, recognising the unique considerations associated with advanced maternal age.
  • Pregnancy Loss: Individuals with a history of pregnancy losses receive compassionate care, addressing potential underlying causes and providing emotional support.
  • Multiple Pregnancies: If you're expecting twins or more, antenatal care includes vigilant monitoring to ensure the well-being of both mom and each baby.
  • Screening for Down Syndrome & Congenital Malformations: Dr Fuentes discusses screening options for Down Syndrome and other congenital malformations, offering information to help you make informed decisions.

What can I expect during antenatal check-ups?

  • Routine Assessments: Dr Fuentes routinely assesses your blood pressure, weight, and general health to ensure a healthy pregnancy.
  • Ultrasound Examinations: Ultrasound scans are performed to visualise the baby's growth, check the placenta and amniotic fluid levels, and monitor for potential issues.
  • Blood Tests: Various blood tests may be conducted to assess your blood type, screen for infections, and check for any underlying health conditions.

How can I ensure a healthy pregnancy?

Taking active steps to maintain your health and well-being during pregnancy will ensure your baby's health and yours.

Dr Fuentes encourages maintaining a balanced diet, regular exercise, and avoiding harmful substances to promote overall well-being.

Whether you're seeking primary antenatal care or require specialised attention due to high-risk factors, Dr Fuentes is here to accompany you on your journey to motherhood. Schedule your antenatal care consultation today to experience expert guidance.