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Well Woman Check-up

Embarking on the path to well-being means prioritising your health at every stage of life. Well-woman check-ups are the hallmark of preventative women's care, and Dr R Fuentes brings expertise and understanding to these crucial appointments.

What is a well-woman check-up?

A well-woman check-up is a comprehensive women's health examination tailored to the specific needs of women. It goes beyond routine medical check-ups and focuses on reproductive and gynaecological health. Dr Fuentes is committed to creating a comfortable and open space where you can discuss any concerns, ensuring your unique health needs are met.

Why are well-women check-ups crucial?

Well-woman check-ups are designed to detect potential health issues early on, allowing for timely intervention and management. This proactive approach is especially crucial in addressing conditions that may not present noticeable symptoms in their early stages.

For women of childbearing age, these check-ups include monitoring reproductive health ensuring everything is functioning optimally. This is vital if you plan to start a family or want to maintain your overall reproductive well-being.

Additionally, these check-ups often include a cervical cancer screening to detect abnormal cell changes and reduce the risk of cervical cancer.

How often should I schedule a well-woman check-up?

Young, healthy women should start with check-ups in their late teens or early 20s. During your reproductive years, annual check-ups are more often recommended. Once women enter menopause, the frequency of your check-ups can be adjusted based on your individual health needs.

What can I expect during a well-woman check-up?

  • Comprehensive Health History: Dr Fuentes will begin by discussing your health history, including any changes or concerns since your last visit. This sets the stage for a personalised and thorough examination.
  • Physical Examination: A physical exam, including breast and pelvic exams, is standard for well-woman check-ups. These are conducted with sensitivity and professionalism to ensure your comfort.
  • Screenings & Tests: Depending on your age and health history, screenings such as pap smears, mammograms, and blood tests may be recommended. These tests aim to detect abnormalities or early signs of conditions affecting women's health.
  • Contraception Counselling: The check-ups provide an opportunity to discuss contraception options, address family planning concerns, and ensure your chosen method aligns with your health goals.

What sets Dr R Fuentes apart in women's health care?

  • Specialised knowledge
  • Compassionate care
  • Patient-centred approach

If you're ready to prioritise your health and well-being, schedule your well-woman check-up with Dr Fuentes today.