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Fertility Assessment

As you embrace the exciting chapter of family planning, understanding your fertility is crucial to achieving your dreams of parenthood. Dr R Fuentes is here to guide you through the fertility assessment process, providing informative insights and a friendly and relatable approach to your unique journey.

What is a fertility assessment?

A fertility assessment involves evaluating various factors to understand your reproductive health and the likelihood of conceiving. Dr Fuentes emphasises the importance of considering a fertility assessment when you're planning to start a family or if you have concerns about your reproductive health.

During the assessment, Dr Fuentes will help you determine your most fertile days, optimising your chances of conception. Assessing your fertility early can also reveal any underlying issues that may impact your ability to conceive, allowing for proactive intervention.

What can I expect?

Your journey begins with a thorough consultation where Dr Fuentes discusses your medical history, family planning goals, and any concerns you may have. Depending on specific factors, diagnostic tests may include hormone level assessments, ultrasound imaging, and other evaluations to understand your reproductive health.

Dr Fuentes also provides personalised guidance based on the results, offering insights into optimising fertility or addressing any identified challenges.

What infertility services do you provide?

Dr Fuentes offers personalised counselling to address your fertility concerns, answer questions, and offer guidance on optimising fertility. He can refer you for various diagnostic tests to assess factors such as hormone levels, ovarian reserve, and reproductive anatomy.

How can I improve my fertility?

Taking proactive measures to improve your fertility can help immensely in your journey to parenthood. Some steps include:

  • Lifestyle changes such as diet, exercise and stress management
  • Understanding your menstrual cycle and identifying fertile days
  • Adopting healthy habits that contribute to optimising fertility

Don't wait - if you're planning to start a family in the near future, visit Dr Fuentes for a comprehensive fertility assessment.